Years of a sun loving us, solitude is

in the wrist of a magnolia tree, hung or lynched

in a rose-throated croon of liberty and justice for all

except blues people live in the smoke

at a crossroad, what really happened that day

robert johnson brought his guitar

to meet an evil of all hues

play with magic

and be ready for it

to play with you

some folks fear death

others know better

fear the devil

don’t sell no soul

to spite dying

we all have to go

someday or another

death is a family member

you hear of but never met

until y’all meet

some thing is meant for tellin

other things just is what they was.

I have faced worse things than being forgotten

tho you call me woman whom you do not know

i am a daughter of sisters

of pillaged offerings

an afterlife of secrets

scores of lustering light

i summon you bravely beside me

marching onward

move not for reason

but love

any law that deviates from this is as cruel

as it is ancient

let your words be soothing terrors

never mind what was written

we will rewrite it

an idea of freedom is all we know.

Our inheritance is to lift one another

we shift into a gust

or bristles between strands of hair

ashes of breath raging in quiet

what land is ours to toss and turn over

if not our bodies, the dunes across chests

the legs on all roads,

arms in a meadow of marigolds.

We survive and regret surviving

we are descendants of the end

we see the end

fences, barbed wire, stone walls and iron gates

do not impede the truth.

nations can not forsee our being.

Here in this vessel of marrow and sweat

having made it across

the bayous of a dark mother’s womb

and all that tried her

pushing through treacherous attempts at our lives

fear not what of me resides in you

a shawl of waiting hankering to be felt

what ails is what ails.

Wild visions leave doors unlocked

dazed veterans returned from combat,

injured arms slung close to chest,

loyal to a beat or nub.

i am a country within a country

retire rest a while

woke and whirring, my beloved

we take to the streets as a sort of rain

descending atop roofs of all those who make

laws to define the absence between us

peculiar spirit who aspires for such things, to posses a people

what sin hunts hearts?

the birds, the fish, the cattle

the islands of what is kept sacred.

to nurture is to resist. in all forms we heal. 

we must work the land before we make claims to it

what endures the body is the body

when we left our mother’s belly

we did not take any land

only thing we took was the weapon of her smile and the elixir of her love.

[1] Inspired by Mahmoud Darwish.

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